QRpedia in Gibratar

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Gibraltar is to become the World’s first Wikipedia City!

Here’s Roger Bamkin talking about the launch

Using our unique language-detecting QR codes, hundreds of QRpedia codes are popping up all over Gibratar.

The BBC has given us an excellent write up and we hope that this will encourage more towns and cities to use QRpedia to unlock their local history.

You can read more about the project on Wikipedia.

QRpedia – Bringing Cemetaries To Life!

How I wish this announcement came in time for Hallowe’en!

The latest institution to benefit from QRpedia is Washington D.C.’s Congressional Cemetery.

Here’s the coverage from a local news channel.

The cemetary is 205 years old and is now the world’s largest outdoor encyclopedia of American history.

You can see photos of some of the codes over on Wikimedia Commons, including J Edgar Hoover, John Philip Sousa and many other distinguished “residents”.

QR CC J Edgar HooverQR CC Clyde TolsonQR CC Chief TazaMatlovich QRc CC

Massive thanks to Peter Ekman for all his hard work and to the staff of the Congressional Cemetary for agreeing to take part in this project.

QRpedia at Mobile World Congress

QRpedia is proud to be one of the Smart UK Project finalists. The QRpedia team will be at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks as part of the competition. Here’s a quick video of Terence talking about what we’ll be doing out there.

Thanks once again to Smart UK for naming us one of the most innovative mobile companies in the UK.