QRpedia – Officially One Of The Most Innovative UK Mobile Companies

What Mobile Photo of Terence Presenting QRpedia
After presenting QRpedia to the Smart UK Project a few weeks ago, we are incredibly proud to announce that QRpedia is officially one of the most innovative mobile companies in the UK!

Roger and Terence had a great time presenting to the judges and the media, and it looks like all our hard work paid off.
Roger Bamkin At SmartUKProject QRpedia

Thanks so much to all the judges, journalists, and those who showed their support on Twitter. We’re off to Mobile World Congress and will be sure to let you know how we get on.

QRpedia at Smart Awards

Yesterday, Roger and Terence went off to present QRpedia at the Smart Awards.

We had a great time showing off the service to the assembled journalists and competition judges. There was a lot of interest in QRpedia – and many positive comments. Thanks to everyone who supported us. We should know whether we made the finalists later this week. Fingers crossed!