QRpedia and Joan Miró

The Joan Miró exhibition in has just gone live with QRpedia codes!
Scanning a QRpedia Code

This project has been the brain-child of Àlex Hinojo – the Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Museu Picasso. He first mentioned it to us in May and we’ve worked hard to deal with the challenges of the Catalan language.

Congrats to Àlex and the whole team for a successful launch.

Press release in Catalan.

One thought on “QRpedia and Joan Miró

  1. Unfortunately not all galleries organise it so well.

    I recently went to an exhibition at the Albertina gallery in Vienna, where there was a QR code next to each exhibit. Most of the signage was multilingual, but that for the QR codes was only in German. Since I do not understand German, I did not know what to expect from the codes.

    Firstly, the gallery was underground so there was no mobile signal.

    Secondly, when I later followed the URL that I had scanned and saved, they all led to a sign-in page. I was expected to sign in with my Facebook details. No indication of who was asking for this (it did not seem to be Facebook), why I should trust them, or what I would gain from signing in. Since I am not a Facebook user, I did not find out.

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